The Worship Experience

As a LifeStory Documentarian I especially enjoy capturing honest moments, moments that connect with my Spirit. Like in this photo where i decided to capture the Worship experience. Not everyone worships the same,… Continue reading

Making Sense of Fairytale

Just a couple of weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity of being the hired videographer for a friends wedding. This was the third wedding I’ve done in my Videography/Photography Career, and… Continue reading

Gardens, Growth, and Inventory of Blessing!

One of my passions at this point in my life is capturing stories, whether this is through the medium of audio or both video and audio. Whether these stories are mostly real or… Continue reading

Shoot Short then Extort

This project I thought would be another highlight of this summer especially working with my partner and friend Alan but instead it turned out to be a nightmare…Alan and I when leaving that… Continue reading

LA brings it raw and my camera captured it all!

On July 16, 2011 I was invited by a band member of Beyond This Point to come and shoot some footage at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival featuring artists opening for Q-Tip the… Continue reading

Beautiful Minds think Alike Beautifully

On June 18, 2011 at Sullivan Hall I was presented with the amazing opportunity of shooting a couple of snippets in preparation for the Band (Beyond This Point) i was actually at the… Continue reading

All in Focus

My mind was blown with a two-fold blessing on July 18, 2011 1st Blessing: A week prior to the photoshoot while kind of praying about having more opportunities to step back into photography… Continue reading